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Welcome to TLH Financial, LLC! We are a dedicated team of professionals who have been providing top-notch educational services to our clients since 2015.Our goal is to increase the knowledge of business owners in the areas of financial compliance and growth tactics so they may confidently avoid costly mistakes and succeed. Here at TLH Financial, LLC, we believe that knowledge is power. 

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For all things accounting, look no further than TLH Financial. We pride a team of seasoned professionals who provide comprehensive accounting services tailored to your needs. 

Tanisha Waddell

President/CEO, TLH Financial, LLC

We have ten years of expertise in doing income tax returns for individuals and businesses. We provide a variety of tax planning services in addition to tax preparation. We offer a safe one-stop shop for our small business owners that require help as their company expands. Overall, we can assist you in getting your business up and running and in compliance with all of the laws so that you don’t have to. Because everything will be completed in-house, you will have the peace of mind you require. I am a driven company entrepreneur. My goal was to uncover my life’s purpose and find enough fulfillment through creation . These services complete the cycle of what all businesses require to THRIVE !! 

Come get started with me so that we can build a prosperous future for you and your personal and business finances.

Our 4 Core Values

Right Results,
Right Way

We uphold the highest standards of accountability and integrity by honoring our commitments and taking pride in our work

of Learning

We value the development of our employees and are committed to providing opportunities to learn and grow

the Extra Mile

We commit to collaborating with customers and peers. We never settle in anything we do, and we challenge our ideas of what is possible to better serve our customers

the Status Quo

We embrace change as a catalyst for continuous improvement by seeking innovative opportunities to become more effective and efficient in all that we do.

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