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We will question information that is not evidenced. We will not include deductions that are not supportable. We will not audit or verify documentation. We provide a paper or electronic copy of your returns for your files. Provide all information required to prepare your tax return, reporting all taxable income, including cash and foreign-sourced. If your foreign assets are worth more than S50,000, the IRS must be told. We verify new Social Security numbers on tax returns. If all information is not provided by Februar 28th/March 31st, an extension allowing us an additional 6 months to prepare is required. Taxpayers must pay taxes due by March 15th/April 18th, even if on an extension. If you claim a deduction, keep all substantiating proof and documents, producing them in event of an audit. Keep all records in a secure location for 4 years, and payroll for 6 years.

Ask us what is required to prove income or a deduction. We exercise due diligence in interpreting tax laws and regulations. We keep electronic copies of all returns for 3 years from the due date. We do not keep copies of your documents, other than Social Security verifications, and those showing withholding. Your signature(s) on the returns, or e-file authorizations, confirm(s) you examined the returns, statements, and schedules, and that they are true, correct, and complete, to the best of your knowledge and belief. Our fees are based on the complexity of the returns, and the time taken for completion. Bookkeeping fees may be billed if we must put records into a usable form. Payment for services is due upon completion and before the electronic ling of any return, barring other agreements. If you require multiple-year preparation, we require a 50% retainer of our estimated fees. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

Amended tax returns, resulting from your omission of income, deductions, or material facts, will be billed separately.

See below for audit fees. Even if your refund is garnished your fees are still due to TLH Financial, LLC.

If you supplied all relevant information, we will apply to get the penalties waived resul

However, if you fail to return as a client, we will

ting from preparation error after submitting penalty abatement letters, we will pay the penalty only after the abatement is denied. We do not reimburse tax or interest due. We electronically file all returns as allowed by taxing authorities. If you insist on paper filing, you must sign an opt-out statement that we send to the IRS. The IRS and MA mandate e-filing. We do not charge for routine consultations throughout the year unless additional research and filings are required. We also will provide a paycheck checkup if necessary for a tax liability checkup. However, if you fail to return as a client, we will bill for all consultations at our standard hourly rate. Your returns are subject to review by taxing authorities. Inform us immediately of any letters received. Issues can be resolved quickly and simply if prompt action is taken. We may ask you to sign a power of attorney to allow us to correspond with, or speak to, revenue officers regarding your issue. We recommend signing up for Audit Protection If audited or examined, a third-party company can represent you. (See details upon inquiry) A separate letter of engagement will be issued for that engagement. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal and state regulations to guard your nonpublic personal information, as required by law. We handle the information you provide with confidentiality and care. We restrict access to your information to members of our staff who must have the information to complete your tax work. We will not enclose your information to anyone outside our company without express written permission. If you require us to provide a copy of your tax return to a third party, you must sign a release. We can provide a copy through a secure server, by mail, or in person, but not by unsecured facsimile.

Non-accounting advice and financial advice

This firm does not provide legal or financial advice. Any opinion expressed should be confirmed by the appropriate professional. Any comment made on the subject of legal or investment matters should be interpreted as only a personal view and not professional advice.

Future Years

This letter applies for future years unless you or we wish to end or change the arrangement.


If you have any questions regarding this letter of engagement, please do not hesitate to call us.

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