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Welcome to TLH Financial, LLC! We are a dedicated team of professionals who have been providing top-notch educational services to our clients since 2015.Our goal is to increase the knowledge of business owners in the areas of financial compliance and growth tactics so they may confidently avoid costly mistakes and succeed. Here at TLH Financial, LLC, we believe that knowledge is power. 

Comprehensive accounting services tailored to your business needs

Your business faces complex accounting issues associated with debt & equity offerings, mergers & acquisitions, treasury, consolidations, restatements, and more. These are critical financial challenges and may hinder your business operations. 

Do not fret! Let a leading accounting & financial advisory firm in Michigan – TLH Accounting – handle the numbers for you! We take a holistic approach to help businesses maximize value during moments of phenomenal change and in day-to-day operations. 

With a team of highly competent advisors, we support our clients with their accounting, bookkeeping, financial compliance, and tax preparation needs. Our comprehensive accounting services are tailored to your needs, facilitating an in-depth approach to meet the requirements of investors, auditors, and regulators.  

Whether You are Planning Business Transformation or Need Help with Financial Planning, We Can Take the Burden Off Your Shoulders

At TLH Accounting, we take a one-of-a-kind approach to helping our clients – by providing accounting and bookkeeping services built completely around your business. Unlike other accounting firms in Michigan, we do not take a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We will first learn about your business and processes, and then provide advisory for improvements and efficiencies in your financial systems. 

Our team will take the burden off your shoulders, extending professional support for everything – from weekly bookkeeping to cash flow management, tax preparation, or high-level financial planning. 

When it comes to your business accounting systems, we will help identify the gaps as trusted financial advisors and drive growth and profitability. Regardless of the size or complexity of your company, we can provide top-notch services to improve your business’s financial health. 

Professional Financial Services to Improve Your Financial Posture

Gain efficiency and mitigate stress by partnering with TLH Financial instead of a dedicated in-house team. We provide scalable support you can rely upon to enhance your internal controls and gain visibility into your company’s financial health. Here is a glimpse of how we can help your business:


For all things accounting, look no further than TLH Financial. We pride a team of seasoned professionals who provide comprehensive accounting services tailored to your needs. 


Our accounting and bookkeeping services help maintain organized and accurate financial records on a day-to-day or weekly basis. This provides valuable insights into your business’s financial posture and facilitates effective decision-making. 

Our seasoned bookkeepers also perform reconciliations to validate the completeness and precision of your financial records. They can help identify gaps or errors in the records as well as ensure the financial statements adhere to regulatory compliances. We have dedicated bookkeepers for every business, having expertise in the same industry. 

Tax Preparation

At TLH Financial, we believe that a healthy financial strategy remains incomplete without hands-on tax planning. Therefore, our highly competent tax professionals are constantly staying up-to-date with the fast-changing U.S. tax landscape. This enables you to stay ahead of your opportunities and ensure compliance. 

We will help you understand the implications of tax non-compliance and also ensure maximizing your tax benefits. Our team can make tax planning seamless for you while creating a strategy that paves the way for growth. TLH Financial specializes in all fields of business tax, high net-worth tax planning, and tax credits. 

Whatever your goals, you can rely upon our accounting & tax experts to design innovative strategies that can help optimize your business’s financial position. We also provide financial services for regulatory compliance and ensure seamless business operations.

Tanisha Waddell

President/CEO, TLH Financial, LLC

We have ten years of expertise in doing income tax returns for individuals and businesses. We provide a variety of tax planning services in addition to tax preparation. We offer a safe one-stop shop for our small business owners that require help as their company expands. Overall, we can assist you in getting your business up and running and in compliance with all of the laws so that you don’t have to. Because everything will be completed in-house, you will have the peace of mind you require. I am a driven company entrepreneur. My goal was to uncover my life’s purpose and find enough fulfillment through creation . These services complete the cycle of what all businesses require to THRIVE !! 

Come get started with me so that we can build a prosperous future for you and your personal and business finances.

Our 4 Core Values

Right Results,
Right Way

We uphold the highest standards of accountability and integrity by honoring our commitments and taking pride in our work

of Learning

We value the development of our employees and are committed to providing opportunities to learn and grow

the Extra Mile

We commit to collaborating with customers and peers. We never settle in anything we do, and we challenge our ideas of what is possible to better serve our customers

the Status Quo

We embrace change as a catalyst for continuous improvement by seeking innovative opportunities to become more effective and efficient in all that we do.

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The women in this office are very professional they will handle and get your finances in order they do much more. I really appreciate what they have done for me. 

donna miller


I love the work and dedication she puts in for her customers.. I have nothing bad to say only to say thank you TLH financial. I wish you well on your future endeavours.

Kim Holloway


I was very pleased with how friendly & helpful everyone was along with the work that was done. John was honest and very informative. I will be returning when needed. 


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